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Calamari Pizza

picture-or-video-1632.jpgI had lost the charger to my camera, and just got the replacement last week (ebay sure can be useful).  There were a bunch of pictures on there that I forgot I had taken, including a bunch of crappy and blurry pictures from the food I cooked down in Florida last winter.  I get real busy putting the food out, and don’t have time to take pictures of the food as it goes out, so I trained someone to do it for me (bad idea).  I need a better solution this summer because I have some good new ideas, and will undoubtedly have a bunch more, and want to share them here.  I am including a picture of a Calamari Pizza that I ordered when I was in Charlotte several months ago.  It sounded so intriguing that I had to order it (bad idea), but I think it would be a brilliant idea if it was done right.  Maybe I will try it as a mini appetizer?

New Bike

picture-or-video-1645.jpgI know you have been on the edge of your seat waiting for another enthralling bike tale (I think this will be the last, unless this one gets stolen too), so here’s an update.  I bought  a real cheap bike at toys r’ us, and it was bright red, so I spray painted it a dull black as to blend in a bit.  Turns out I traded my Pee Wee Herman Bike with the big seat and basket for a no frills bad  boy street bike.  I did some research in locks, and the setup cost nearly as much as the bike.