picture-or-video-1708.jpg picture-or-video-1709.jpg picture-or-video-1715.jpgI am away from New York for awhile. Don’t worry about where I am, as far as you know I could be a secret agent and being a chef is my cover (don’t count on it, cooking is about the only thing I’m good at). Had a killer bbq pork sandwich with garlic and rosemary fries for lunch, and a great grilled salmon for dinner that gave me some good ideas for the food I will be cooking. I was leaving the supermarket and saw smoke, decided to investigate and take pictures to report. Thought I had a good scoop until I saw the “Firefighters in Training” sign. I would like to say a big GET WELL SOON to my friend D, and yes, there are a few more than 3 people following along. Also an even bigger Happy Birthday Celeste!! What a girl/lady?? Thanks for being my best friend, I love You!