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Flood! (part 2)

578-briarcreekflooding_1standaloneprod_affiliate138.JPGWhat a day! I am flying in to Charlotte tomorrow to meet with insurance adjusters. My car got a good soaking, and won’t start. Celeste was a real trooper. Can you imagine waking up, looking out the window, and seeing water everywhere, right up to the window? Her mother had spent the night, and had to be evacuated by canoe. But this story has a happy ending, as the water barely got in to the house, and only for a few hours. More important is how the neighbors pitched in together to help each other out. My elderly next door neighbor also got the canoe treatment, and total strangers came in to the house to help Celeste unplug electronics, and move things to higher ground (including wading through chest-high water carrying her new mattress to safety). Neighbors whom I have never met are storing stuff in their garage, and during this whole thing, one couple made breakfast sandwiches for the neighbor volunteers, while another made homemade cookies. People are wonderful, and I am blessed. Our next door neighbor is a professional photographer and took pictures, I can’t wait to see, and will post here soon.


Here is some video footage of the flooding, less than a mile from my house.