7791970image.JPGI flew back to Charlotte a few days ago. While I was waiting for my bags at the airport, a family surprised their mom by singing her happy birthday. The mom was so taken aback by her husband playing the guitar, and her nervous tweens singing, it was great. We all clapped when they finished, for some reason I don’t envision that happening at Lagaurdia Airport. My car was indeed a total loss, and they will give me a settlement for it. I am doing some handyman work, so it has been nice to put the old tool belt on again (watch out!) I love bbq, and if I had some free time, and money was not an issue, I would put together a kick-ass team of bbq warriors and travel the country from one competition to the next. I checked out the annual Blues, Brews, and BBQ event here, and if I am in town next year, I decided I am going to be a volunteer. I wanted to eat at the legendary Big Bob Gibsons, but had to run, and the line was long (next time).