flip01.jpgLife is full of change.  Some embrace it, and it scares the heck out of others.  I have always embraced it, there is something exciting to me about not knowing what is around the corner.  I am back in New York, and there is without a doubt change happening in my life.  I will be excited to see how it unravels.  While I was in Charlotte I helped Celeste move her massage business to larger digs.  She is now an owner of a wellness center and a landlord (I would say those are big changes!)  It has only been a few years since she started her practice, and since she focuses on barefoot massage, and recently for woman only, it’s really quite amazing how well she is doing.   Part of the reason she is doing so well is because she pays attention to all of the little things.  When you get a massage from her, you are transported to a different place with the music, trickling water, essential oils, fresh flowers, it truly is amazing!  Well, when you take a perfectionist, and mix that with a half-ass handyman to do odds and ends, lets just say the fireworks get rocking!  We’re still friends though.  It doesn’t seem that long ago when I drove her around town and she would run out and stick business signs in the ground.  I forget what the sign said, but I remember she got some creepy calls from guys who thought barefoot massage was something else.  If you want to be blown away or are looking for the gift of a lifetime, check it out here. (oh yeah, she also built both of those websites herself!)