Archive for December 11th, 2008

Nature in the City

wildlife.jpgWe’re on flood watch here, and understandably a bit nervous considering what happened last time.  Looks like we are going to be just fine, but something caught my eye in the backyard (my office looks out to the backyard).  It was a big hawk that has been hanging out the last few days, then another with it’s wings spread wide chasing it, then  a couple squirrels came out of nowhere to have some fun, then I saw something bigger in the back, and a deer came prancing through.  That was the weirdest 30 seconds of action I have seen back there, I was scrambling for my video camera, but before I knew it, all was calm again.  I know your thinking big deal, but I live in the middle of the city, so it is to me.  I have my video  camera ready.

My Little Amazon Shop

toon1303.jpg I was reading another blog today, and it had a link for her favorite things at  I had never seen that before, and thought it was cool.  I did a little research, and before I knew it, I was adding my own little amazon shop here.  It’s like my version of Oprah’s favorite things.  I was going to do a post of my favorite cooking gadgets to help you with gift ideas, but now I can just send you to my store.  I think I only get a couple percent of purchase price, so I won’t really make any money off of it.  It’s really just a fun project for me to create a store of things I like.  I started with cookbooks (my personal collection is over 700), and kitchen equipment, and will add other books, my favorite electronics and whatever else I like.  It’s actually fun to click and add stuff to your shop.  I will also add little blurbs why I added that item.  This blog is going to have a makeover in the next few weeks to have a fresh look for the new year, with different categories etc. (I have to have some place to put my new chef character) I will keep you posted.  The link to the amazon store is on the right side.