clogs.jpgKinda sounds like a scary movie doesn’t it?  Well, my attic was pretty scary, so I got up there and cleaned it up.  I found all kind of things that I didn’t know I had.  I had a bunch of clothes up there (have parachute pants come back in fashion yet?), and stuff I forgot I even had.  I found a bunch of change that I must have brought back from the yacht last year since it had a bunch of euro coins mixed in.  I filled some old clogs that I also found up there (don’t ask me why I’m saving nasty old kitchen clogs) with the change (this saving the change thing is fun!).  So, how much change do you think I had?  I will post a comment with the total, if you’re within a buck, I will give you a free one year membership to  Oh yeah, I wear a size 9 shoe.