This was the first Christmas I could remember where I wasn’t getting paid to cook for someone else.  I didn’t know what to do with myself.  The original idea was to let someone else cook for me like I did on Thanksgiving, but after a little research, seemed as though the only options in town were Jewish deli’s and hotel restaurants.  That sounded depressing, so I rushed off to the grocery store on Christmas Eve right before they were closing.  Chicken was being slashed right before my eyes to prices I couldn’t believe.

cimg2212.JPG cimg2213.JPG

Click on those pictures (I bet you have never got such a deal).  Sure it was the last day of sell by date, but they were completely fine.  I soaked the pieces in buttermilk and fried them up in true southern style for lunch, and I made a dish with mushrooms, tomatoes, and spinach with the breasts for dinner.  Not a traditional meal by any means, but we were all cool with it.  Right after I picked up my chicken, a lady call over the speaker that all bakery items on the front table were now 50 cents.  Before I knew it I was loading up on Christmas cupcakes (50 cents for a dozen).  Good stuff, these days I’m all about the sale.  Butternut wanted to help in the kitchen, which was fine with me, but we had to outfit her with a hair net for safety’s sake.