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Prison TV

victor-newman.jpgIf your still watching your tv with rabbit ears than you better upgrade soon as we’re going digital.  I actually like the idea of going back to using an antenna, think how much money you could save.  I remember growing up we had one of those big metal antenna’s on our roof (too funny).  I was listening to a radio story that was telling how difficult it is for many prisons as they will not get assistance to upgrade.  Turns out the tv in Prison really keeps the peace, and what’s the favorite show?  According to the prisoner they interviewed it was The Young and the Restless.  “That’s the one show that nobody has a beef with” he said, “That Victor Newman is one tough Tycoon”.  Good to know the soap operas are keeping the peace.

Bloody Good Meatballs

Even though I sliced my finger pretty good the other day, I like to finish what I start, so here’s the basic recipe:
Mix a couple pounds of ground beef with a few eggs, a small shredded (yes I said shredded) onion, a few minced garlic cloves, a cup of fresh bread crumbs, a cup of parmesan cheese (oh yeah!), around a 1/4 cup milk and salt and pepper- mix real good.
A good way to test the flavor is to fry a mini piece and see how it tastes and adjust:
So, now your ready to form them in to meatballs, I like mine a bit smaller, but that’s the beauty of cooking, make yours just as big or small as you want.

Brown the Meatballs in a skillet:


And then add to your favorite tomato sauce. I just added half a can diced tomatoes, half a can of tomato puree, (I think I might have added some water too), chopped garlic, chopped onion, Italian spices, and a little sugar, simmer for 15 minutes or so and add the meatballs to it. Simmer that covered for 20 more minutes and you’ve got some bloody good meatballs.