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The Year of the Library

19557.jpgI am declaring this the year of the Library.  You get free entertainment, books,  I even rented a movie for free tonight.  You can take your laptop for free wi-fi (at least in Charlotte you can), and they have so  many cool books and comfy chairs.  I saw a comfy green chair and plopped myself down to do a little reading.  Turned out to be an undersized chair in the kiddy section and I was reading a book on knife skills (true story), so I decided to move since I was even creeping myself out at that point.  Anyway, I had a great time, and look forward to spending more time hanging out there (not in the kiddie area), and reading some great books.  I need to do a  book club post, It’s been awhile, and I have read at least one good book since then.

Cutting Back

 boat_illustration.jpgMy Friend Crystal is too funny.  The boat she works on is cutting back costs (just like everyone else), and here is her e-mail to in response to show that she is doing her part:

I’m putting  in a order and going to Rouse’s tomorrow,it will be around 450-550.00

 Sysco ‘s   order is set up for Saturday,I’m looking at closer to

 3000.00 -4,000.00 . possibly more as when have not replenished  

 Janitorial,papergoods & other products since December.

I have been advised that there will be no more Lobster buffets,

  Stuffed suckling pig,Prime Rib Fondue or Baked Alaska Ice

Cream Bar.

The Flambe’ Station has been disassembled and  is now a still.

I am cancelling the sushi chef I had flying in from

Osaka and making due without the bellydancers on Moroccan night.

This is good as we were all gaining weight and the boys ran out

 of one’$ to tip the bellydancers.The troupe decided not to come

   back until payday anyway as the quarters kept falling on the floor.