fat.jpgIt’s just a theory I have, but as we try and save money on our groceries, we will turn to cheaper alternatives.  The generic brands are cheaper, and made of inferior ingredients.  Local and organic produce will be bought less, and when we eat out we will look for ways to save money.  Have you tried to find something healthy on the dollar menu at most fast food restaurants?  It doesn’t exist, but you could get a double bacon cheeseburger or fried chicken sandwich for less than a buck.  Anyways, it’s just a theory, of course you can eat healthy on the cheap.  Watch out for the weekly grocery coupons and plan your meals around the items that you enjoy that are on sale.  I did a post last month where I made a healthy dinner for four for less than $10.00, maybe I will do some more of those, because it sure beats a double bacon cheeseburger for dinner.