Archive for February 28th, 2009

Weight Loss Study

Here is a link to an article I just stumbled across. I am posting it only because it exactly backs up our weight loss program. When we sat down to write the program we didn’t want anything new and amazing (there’s already too many of those), we just wanted a sound calorie control plan with lots of variety and the ability to customize to keep it interesting. It’s not rocket science.

Depression Cooking

Some day it would be fun to travel across this country and interview some of our greatest cooks, I don’t mean superstar chefs, but rather the great local cooks like the grandmothers who are famous in their community for their culinary skills. Celeste ran across this video, I think this lady was even on good morning america. It certainly strikes a cord in these times. The recipe looks gross, but you had to what you had to do to get by I imagine. I love the story of how bootleggers were renting out garages to make whiskey.