I have decided to hold a contest and this post contains the official rules.

The contest is pretty damn simple (just like me). You be the first to correctly guess where the boat is heading in the Caribbean, and I send you a $50.00 gift certificate from amazon.com. (I told you it was simple).

Here is the key though. You have to be the 1st person to guess correctly, so if you see someone else has already guessed your destination then guess another place. There is only one prize for this.

Also if I know you personally, then you are excluded cause you probably know where I’m going and, well that would be like insider trading.

I will do a post on my newsletter facebook page sometime this coming Monday the 21st. that tells you that the contest has officially started. click here to sign up to that page.

Simply make your guess, and good luck! As soon as we get down there, I will find the winner and post here.