picture-or-video-751-standard-e-mail-view.jpg picture-or-video-917.JPGYou know you are starting to get a bit older when you get psyched because you scored front row seats to a Turkish variety show.  I know I said I tend to stay away from the tourist spots, but you have to have  some variety you know.  It really was a great show, but it started getting a little off track toward the end when the Turkish songstress broke out with a rendition of ‘I will survive’.  The belly dancer pulled me on stage for a bit where she taught pasty white guys to shake their belly and our crew got a real kick out of it!  It really was a  lot of fun.  The sweet spot is about over and was absolutely awesome.  We provisioned the boat today, and I went to the Friday market which was at least  a mile or so in size, absolutely amazing!  I would have paid just to stroll the market, but to be an active participant in it, just great.  We have a tour guide with us for this next trip, so that will be great to get the inside scoop on all of new places I will be seeing.  I have no idea what I am going to cook tomorrow, but I am excited to get back at it again.  I had such a long day today, I will post a recipe tomorrow.

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