119-standard-e-mail-view.jpgMy last two sous chef’s on this boat have been South African, I am not sure if there is any sort of meaning there? I had emailed my first sous chef, Corli while I was in Charlotte and just heard back from her the other day. She has since had a baby and just found out she is expecting another. She had some amazing recipes that I stupidly did not copy before I left the boat. I could not imagine doing a charter season without her cheesecake recipe, and she sent it to me in her email. She had quite a few other knockout recipes I will also share as the season moves along. We are still in Portofino and the waves are rockin’! I served a warm brownie with homemade vanilla bean ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce for lunch dessert today. They liked it so much they requested it again for dinner. It’s funny what people really get in to, it was really nothing more than a gussied up version of the “chocolate thunder from down under” (extra points if you know what that is). I might post the recipe at some point. Here is Corli’s famous Cheesecake, just how she sent it to me. I am going to make you work for this great recipe. You must also add some sugar to the crust base. If you are struggling, of course you can email me, and I might help you. Thanks for some amazing food and great memories Corli!

Corli’s Cheesecake

The cheesecake will not be set when you pull from oven. Don’t be scared, just pull it out anyway.
Cheese cake is digestive + melted butter

3x packs 250g philly cheese

1x pack 250g mascapone

500ml cream (last)

2x vanilla pods and vanilla essence

3 eggs

sugar to taste – I think about 2 1/2 cups

lemon juice to taste – about 4 tbls

mix cheeses at room temp. add eggs one by one then some of the sugar and vanilla, last the cream and lemon plus more sugar to taste – cream mixture must be runny – 55min in oven (350 degrees)- must still not be set and set in fridge overnight.

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