toon1303.jpg I was reading another blog today, and it had a link for her favorite things at  I had never seen that before, and thought it was cool.  I did a little research, and before I knew it, I was adding my own little amazon shop here.  It’s like my version of Oprah’s favorite things.  I was going to do a post of my favorite cooking gadgets to help you with gift ideas, but now I can just send you to my store.  I think I only get a couple percent of purchase price, so I won’t really make any money off of it.  It’s really just a fun project for me to create a store of things I like.  I started with cookbooks (my personal collection is over 700), and kitchen equipment, and will add other books, my favorite electronics and whatever else I like.  It’s actually fun to click and add stuff to your shop.  I will also add little blurbs why I added that item.  This blog is going to have a makeover in the next few weeks to have a fresh look for the new year, with different categories etc. (I have to have some place to put my new chef character) I will keep you posted.  The link to the amazon store is on the right side.

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