picture-or-video-368.jpgThank you to all that wished me a happy birthday, was it a shameless cry for attention?  Probably, but hey, I’m on charter.  The picture is of Siracusa, we drop our guests off here real soon, maybe I will be able to explore.  The guests are enjoying the food so much, they are having the remainder of their meals on board.  They have requested I come up with an apple dessert between a crisp and a cobbler for lunch tomorrow, we’ll see what I come up with, if it’s a hit I will post the recipe.  Maybe I will finally try and perfect my Mom’s Apple Crisp recipe, she made it for me while I was in Charlotte and she still has her touch!  Doug has fixed it so you can comment on my posts, got a question?  hated the recipe?  loved the recipe?  Just click on the comment button.  I am trying to make it more interactive, of course you can still email me.  I hear some spam can get through, so I will be monitoring for that.  We served  the Sticky Toffee Pudding for dinner dessert and they ordered one to share because they were full but liked it so much they ordered another to share!  I would like to encourage you to share your recipes with me.  Just send them to jeff@cheftraveler.com.  I am going to be real busy this season and it will be a lot more fun (and esasier) for me to share some of your recipes, healthy ones would be great since I am going to be kicking off my website when I finish this season and need to get everyone in healthy mode.  Debi sent me another recipe today (you rock Debi!), now we just need her picture or I will subject you to more photos of “Italian Chicks”.  This would make a nice dessert for lunch, thanks again Debi, I am glad your following along!

Fruit Trifle

1 tblsp butter

3/4 cup confectioners sugar

3/4 tsp imitation rum extract

3 tblsp skim milk

1/2 cup seedless raspberry jam

12 oz pound cake cut into 1/2″ cubes ( I used a frozen Sara Lee)

12 oz prepared french vanilla pudding

Fresh raspberries

Whipped cream 

Melt butter and whisk in the confectioners sugar, rum extract and milk. This should make a soupy sauce.

Heat up the jam until it is also soupy.

In six wineglasses, evenly place the cake cubes. Tap cake down slightly.

Drizzle the rum sauce and then the jam evenly over the cake in each glass.

Spoon pudding evenly over each.

Refrigerate for 1 hour

Before serving dollop on whipped cream and garnish liberally with raspberries.

I have also used sweet cherries for the fruit, cherry jam and chocolate pudding instead of vanilla-it is also killer!

I’m thinking of trying it with pineapple preserves and bananas and fresh frozen coconut for a pina colada taste.

It’s a pretty basic recipe and it begs for substitutions and changes…..

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