picture-or-video-406.jpgWe get so busy that if I looked out the galley window and you told me we were in China I would smile and say “happy to be here”.  I get so consumed with cooking great food that I don’t pay near enough attention to the surroundings. Well, that was the case when someone said we were in Siracusa when in actuality, it was Taormina. So, that picture was Taormina and we are now in Siracusa. Now I’m real confused which city they filmed part of the Godfather in? Just about to drop the guests off, turned out to be quite a successful charter. The guests were lovely, and a good time was had by all. We are leaving straight away for Turkey, so I will probably be without a connection for the next couple of days. We have a ten day window before we pick up our next charter, I like to call it the sweet spot! Watch out Turkey, here we come! Oh yeah, happy fourth by the way. God bless America.

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