picture-or-video-390.jpg picture-or-video-403.jpgWe had an hour or so before we take off, Jenna and I made a mad dash for the Farmers Market. I grew up hanging out and working in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, so I was right at home, and it didn’t hurt that Jenna speaks Italian. She bought a hat for 5 euro’s and we got a few last minute items for our trip, fresh Tuna etc. These are the quick, unexpected moments that it make it so much fun. Here’s an impromptu Tuna recipe.

Seared Tuna

Serves 4

4 Tuna Steaks, Sushi Quality

salt and pepper

Bruschetta topping recipe

Season steak with salt and pepper and either pan fry or grill on high heat, just to sear each side. Make the brushetta topping recipe that I posted earlier and top with it. A very healthy and refreshing meal with a green salad. bruschetta topping is basically chopped tomato mixed with a little balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh basil, salt and pepper, and garlic.

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