champagne_toast.jpgIs it just me, or does it seem like the years fly by faster and faster?  So how was your 2008?  I would have to say mine was very strange to say the least, but never a dull moment.  Let’s all get out our pen and paper and write our new years resolutions.  I’m pretty good at guessing, so let’s see if I can at least get one on your list- Lose weight, find a better job, save more  money, have a kid, fall in love, travel somewhere exotic, volunteer, learn something new, quit smoking.  So, there you go, I know I have at least one on that list.  I’m not taking any chances that 2009 is going to be a crappy year, so I will be cooking the traditional Southern good luck meal- black-eyed peas (symbolizes coins), collard greens (symbolizes dollars, I will cook extra), and cornbread (not a clue).  I know there are customs all throughout the world to bring luck, I thinks Italians eat risotto, and in certain Asian countries egg rolls represent gold bars (maybe I’ll cook a couple of those).

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