2215772742_afabbce806.jpgI was driving by one of the local churches the other day (there are a lot of churches here) and there was a poster for a new Sunday worship with u2 ( I guess they play u2 music and pray?)  Isn’t that stretching it a bit?  Since when did rock music become something to worship?  And it was at 8:30 in the morning!  Yeah, please crank the rock music ( hallelujah!) so I can do some serious worshipping (where’s the coffee by the way?).  Did I tell you that I met Bono?  He actually came down to the crew mess (where the workers live)  on one of the boats I worked on (he was a guest).  Nice guy (not much taller than me), but I didn’t feel that  spiritual around him.  I guess that’s how they are getting the young kids to church these days?

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